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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Laguna Beach High School Alumni Association website!

For those who don’t know me my name is Wendy Potter, class of 1978! I am current president of the Alumni Association. I want to thank you for coming to the new OFFICIAL website. I’m so excited to share with you what the website is going to provide for all alumni. I have a lot to say so please be patient and read everything! All information needs to be renewed and updated.

EVERYONE must register with this new website. You will all have your own log in and password, please write it down. We do want all ALUMNI to register so we may keep track of you. Please understand just because you join this website does not mean you are a member of the LBHS Alumni Association. Let me reiterate, I encourage all to register but you do not have to join the Association to register, that being said of course I want EVERYONE to join. The money goes to scholarships’ and will be paying for our new website. We hope to receive our non-profit status by the end of the year.

When you register you will see the option to join, please do! Yes we do have security and privacy laws. No one will be able to contact you without your permission. You will be listed by class so you will be able to see who has registered, please encourage all to join the LBHS Alumni Association.

In the tab above under member services you will be able to advertise your business at a nominal yearly fee. (Option for linkable logos) For more information please email

All members will be able to upload pictures or videos after review. All class reunions will be posted.

If someone passes away please email our team they will post.

Eventually we will have Artist and Breaker clothing and accessories for sale. Anyone who wants to post events, parties and gatherings please send to

I know you will have many questions for me. I also encourage suggestions for the website, please be patient this is a work in progress. The team and I will do our best to listen to all suggestions.

The picnic is set for May 2, 2015. I plan on getting a newsletter out in April. Please encourage young and old to take a few minutes to register. I understand that some of our wonderful older generation may not have easy access to computers and do understand how important the newsletter is too many people.

I thank you for your time and generosity. I hope you will join the association and please sign up.

If you would like to email me with suggestions, please send it to

Warmest Regards,

Wendy Potter

History of Laguna Beach Alumni

The LBHS Alumni Association was created in 1995. The founders were: Walker Reed 65, Founding President, Michelle Oliver 83 Vice President, Marsha Aronoff, secretary, and Dawn Ward, treasurer. Michelle Oliver was involved with her support of the idea to buy Treasure Island and build the Montage. Also Wayne Petterson helped get things going. He was on City Council. Michelle is presently running for City Council.

However, the Association really got going in 1996. The then Principal of LBHS was Barbara Callard and she was very supportive. Mick Herbert, 61 was the second president, Mandi Milnor Hallahan 58 Vice President, Betty Hayward Gallagher 42 Secretary/Treasurer. Board members were: Scott Coen 65, Jane Hinkle MacAdam 59, Diana Gleed Cox 52, and Penny Favor Stastny 66.

Other important people in the early organization were: Jon Onstott, Lynn Massey, Amanda Horton (Past President), Shelley Cox (Past President) , Kevin Spencer, Virginia Houts, and Howard Hills (past president).

Other than funding many high school scholarships which has always been one of the primary objective of the Laguna Beach High School Alumni Association, we sponsor the All Class Reunion the first Saturday in May each year at Heisler Park. This has grown in popularity and we look forward to a good turnout in 2014. Many Alumni are still ‘stung’ by the mascot change from “Artists” to “Breakers” but we’ve gotten over it.

About Laguna Beach Alumni Association

Board Members

Wendy Potter - President
Dede Westgaard-Pike - Vice President
Secretary - Open Position
Treasure - Dave McDonnell
Director at Large - Mike Marriner

Volunteer Opportunities

In preparation for the upcomming LBHS football season volunteers are welcome to participate in selling alumni memorabilia.

The mission of the Alumni Association is to preserve the rich heritage of Laguna Beach High School and to financially support the Laguna Beach High School

Member Services

Coming Soon

LBHS Reunions

50 year Reunion for the Class of 1966

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

For more information please Contact:
Judy (Bigelow) Jerrells (310) 990-7079 or email

To register for event, login at:

To add your class reunion please email

LBHS Alumni Media

Photos, Videos and other Media from Laguna Beach Alumni Events.

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In Memoriam

Ralph L Swingle Class of 44'
Tory Silcott Class of 57'
Larry Harvey Class of 69
Hanecka Czernysczerniachowski Class of 73'

Beverly Old Carpenter
Happy Boyd Class of 57'
Gary Fisette Class of 72'
Joi Wainscott Class of 79'

William Landreth Class of 50'
Tim Miller Class of 64'
Kurt Shull Class of 73'
Richard Begley Class of 80'